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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great news!!!!

Hi babes,
great news for u all!!!
We have update our latest batch of M.A.C products
Here we've got our promotion on the M.A.C items...
if u purchase more than RM200 at once
(including the last batch of our M.A.C items)
u will get the M.A.C products miniature...
it's only limited...
so be fast!!!

Please bare in mind
we couldn't get exactly all the items u wish for u
it's because wat we get from our make-up artist fren
we will upload all of the items in our website...
Please don't blame us on our products range...
we are not the wholesaler of the make up products...
& please be understanding to our late updates
we do have some problems on uploading the pics

We hope to serve u best!!!!

Happy shopping!!!! XOXO